San Diego Rare Find Program

HHOSD San Diego Rare Find Program:

  • Offers an 8-hour pre-purchase workshop (otherwise known as classes) once a month in English and once a month in Spanish every Saturday.

  • Preregister participants fill out a form specifying personal housing needs and then will be seated.

  • Education workshop/class curriculum includes information covering the following topics:

  • This program covers the following topics: decision to purchase a home, selection and purchase of the home, financial management, evaluating credit information, prequalifying & loan approval, financing options, shopping for a home, finalizing the loan, the closing process, maintaining your new home, Issues that may arise during homeownership, including refinancing and mortgage default, avoiding foreclosure and predatory lending practices and the final disposition of the home, including sale.

**Housing Help of San Diego (HHOSD) will cover all these topics during homebuyer education workshops/classes. The counselor will provide additional information during the one-on-one session for those clients that have additional questions or did not attend homebuyer education. Housing Help of San Diego (HHOSD) will cover topics relevant to mortgage default clients during one-on-one counseling sessions. The clients may also be provided links to relevant websites (such as for more information on loss mitigation tools and foreclosure process.

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