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According to the San Diego Union Tribune:

There is no more pressing issue deserving of our region’s collaborative efforts than homelessness, and it will take a substantial and ongoing commitment to improve things over the long term. This isn’t an issue that popped up overnight, and it won’t be solved overnight either.  These folks need help now — not two or three years from now.

Given this urgent need, we must do something to provide immediate relief for our most vulnerable residents while we pursue the long-term strategy of permanent housing.

We all know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for homelessness. Every homeless individual has a different story and requires a different approach.

That’s why we must work together as a community, and as a region, on both short-term and long-term solutions if we are to make significant strides toward reducing homelessness.

We’re already in this

together — and we can solve this together.



Thank you to our partners:


What our neighbors say about us:

We bought “Our Dream home” in 2006 as well as selling our two smaller homes. With the equity of our two homes, we were able to refinance our new home in late 2006. Sadly to say we saw how the value of our house was crumbling down. We witnessed 50% of our neighbor walking away from their homes due to bad loans and could not refinance their loans. Since we had sold our smaller homes, my husband and I were not about to walk away. This was it, “Our Dream Home”. Months later, we started calling our bank to start our modification process. After months of headaches, frustration and wasted time we wanted to give up. After some time, our nephew recommended “ Housing Help of San Diego™” to us since their program had worked for several other family members. End of story, we saved our “dream home” with a 2% interest rate. We live by faith in God, guaranteed to always work. Thank you so much!

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