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According to the San Diego Union Tribune:

There is no more pressing issue deserving of our region’s collaborative efforts than homelessness, and it will take a substantial and ongoing commitment to improve things over the long term. This isn’t an issue that popped up overnight, and it won’t be solved overnight either.  These folks need help now — not two or three years from now.

Given this urgent need, we must do something to provide immediate relief for our most vulnerable residents while we pursue the long-term strategy of permanent housing.

We all know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for homelessness. Every homeless individual has a different story and requires a different approach.

That’s why we must work together as a community, and as a region, on both short-term and long-term solutions if we are to make significant strides toward reducing homelessness.

We’re already in this

together — and we can solve this together.



Thank you to our partners:


What our neighbors say about us:

We started with Housing Help of San Diego™ about two years ago. Your staff worked diligently to help us get the loan that we needed to stay in our home. It’s been over a year since and I can’t say enough about your company that has helped us stay in our house. After the first year of payments we received money back because of over payment and escrow. We are in our second year of payments of our 3 yr contract and after 36 months our $100,000 principal reduction will be taken off and the house will be ours without any stipulation. At that point we will be able to sell, stay, rent whatever we want to do. Another blessing that happened after 12 months of timely payments was an overestimated escrow account. So now we only have $1,023 monthly mortgage payment for the coming yr opposed to a $1,239 a month and we received a check for $1578 for the over payment. It couldn’t get any better then this people . If you are truly in need help to stay in your home Housing Help of San Diego™ are the people you want to call. I gotta admit I didn’t believe they were going to get this done but they did and every word they said was true! Thank you!! Patti and staff!!

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