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According to the San Diego Union Tribune:

There is no more pressing issue deserving of our region’s collaborative efforts than homelessness, and it will take a substantial and ongoing commitment to improve things over the long term. This isn’t an issue that popped up overnight, and it won’t be solved overnight either.  These folks need help now — not two or three years from now.

Given this urgent need, we must do something to provide immediate relief for our most vulnerable residents while we pursue the long-term strategy of permanent housing.

We all know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for homelessness. Every homeless individual has a different story and requires a different approach.

That’s why we must work together as a community, and as a region, on both short-term and long-term solutions if we are to make significant strides toward reducing homelessness.

We’re already in this

together — and we can solve this together.



Thank you to our partners:


What our neighbors say about us:

KEEP HOPE ALIVE… those were the words Patti said to us when we first met her. We were very scared of losing our home and wondered if Housing Help of San Diego™ really could help us save it. After seeing their portfolio we thought what was probably impossible could be possible with Housing Help of San Diego™. From the start Patti and Kelsey worked diligently and were always persistent when getting things done. The communication was great whether she would send us a text, give us a call us or send us an email very late at night as she was still working for us. Patti walked us through every step of the way as to what to expect next and what to do to make the stressful process a little more less stressful. Housing Help of San Diego™ helped us to get an interest rate of 3% and we will be saving approximately $250,000!! Our family can’t thank Patti and Kelsey enough for working so hard on saving our home we built ourselves and love so much. In our darkest hours of sleepless nights what we truly thought was impossible WAS possible and we will forever be grateful to Housing Help of San Diego for encouraging us to Keep Hope Alive. May God Bless You Patti and Kelsey……

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